Vaccine Research & Development

Vaccine Development is an activity that focuses on a variety of technological initiatives and applied research, which enhance and promote improved systems and practices for vaccine safety. In the past year, the unprecedented Ebola disease outbreak galvanized research and industry response and as we continue to search for solutions, we must review the lessons learned in order to overcome the current challenges. Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement. The current system for developing, testing, and regulating vaccines developed during the 20th century as the groups involved standardized their procedures and regulations.

Vaccine research is long, complex and costly. Because a vaccine is a biological product made from living microorganisms, its development cycle is quite different from that of a pharmaceutical product.

  • Basic Vaccinology
  • Vaccines discovery, development & formulation
  • Vaccine clinical trials
  • Vaccine Management & Quality Assurance
  • Vaccine Immunoinformatics
  • Therapeutic vaccination for auto immune diseases
  • Vaccine Research in Europe
  • Zika Vaccines
  • Ebola outbreak

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